Our Pricing

Craft the perfect solution for your organization by seamlessly blending options from PYLI’s two innovative products below. With our flexible mix-and-match approach, you have the freedom to tailor a plan that fits your unique needs like a glove. Whether you’re leaning towards one product more heavily or finding the ideal balance between the two, we empower you to create a package that propels your organization forward. Dive into the possibilities and customize your pathway to success with PYLI.

PYLI Organizations Pricing



No fee for up to 1k members.

Lay the groundwork with a robust platform to kickstart your team's collaboration and organizational efforts.

  • Checkmark Friendly Email Support
  • Checkmark Social Communication Tools
  • Checkmark Task Management
  • Checkmark Group Wiki
  • Checkmark Self Updating Roster
  • Checkmark Member Billing Accounts
  • Checkmark Online Payments
  • Checkmark Bulk Billing
  • Checkmark Automated Late Fees
  • Checkmark Member Billing Transfers
  • Checkmark Financial Reports
  • Checkmark Shared Group Calendar
  • Checkmark RSVP and Attendance Tracking
  • Checkmark Member Surveys
  • Checkmark 2% payment service fee*


Contact Us

Get in touch for a custom quote.

Secure a bespoke solution designed exclusively for your organization, whether it's a singular entity or an umbrella organization overseeing numerous smaller organizations.

  • Checkmark Everything in Pro
  • Checkmark Multi-chapter discounts
  • Checkmark Account Manager
  • Checkmark National Data Aggregation
  • Checkmark National Insights & Reporting
  • Checkmark National Chapter Dues Collection System
  • Checkmark Central Chapter Bank Account Management
  • Checkmark Custom Reports & Views
  • Checkmark negotiated payment service fee (based on volume)
*Plus merchant fees charged by our payment services provider starting at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
**$45/month when paid annually. $50/month when paid on a 6 month basis. $60/month when paid on a quarterly basis. $65/month when paid on a monthly basis.

PYLI Events Pricing



5k attendee limit per event.

Pay nothing up front, but a higher commission for each ticket sold.

  • Checkmark Friendly Email Support
  • Checkmark Sell event tickets online
  • Checkmark RSVP & Attendance Tracking
  • Checkmark Event Check-in system
  • Checkmark Basic Export & Reporting
  • 3% + $1 service fee per ticket item sold*
  • $699 /event for attendee companion mobile app


Contact Us

No attendee limit per event.

Allow us to tailor a unique solution that addresses all your event requirements.

  • Checkmark Everything in Pro
  • Checkmark Custom Reports
  • Checkmark Volume negotiated merchant & ticket fee rates
  • Checkmark Semi Custom branded Attendee mobile app
  • Checkmark Semi Custom branded ticket sales website
  • Checkmark Single point-of-contact support
  • Checkmark Available on site support
*Plus merchant fees charged by our payment services provider starting at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.



Need clarification?

Here are some commonly asked question, but feel free to contact us if you don't find your question answered.

Is there a time limit on any free plan?

Absolutely not! Our free plans are yours to use indefinitely, for as long as both you and PYLI are around. We created PYLI with the vision of helping organizations maintain their structure effortlessly. While we're excited about the possibility of you exploring our advanced Pro features in the future, we're perfectly content if you choose to stick with the free plan.

Organizations: What if I don't want to pay for an Organizations plan annually?

While our annual plans are our go-to for their simplicity, we recognize they might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Each organization has its own unique needs. That's why we're excited to present four distinct subscription tiers to match your preferences:

- Opt for a 12-month subscription at just $45 a month ($540 annually),

- Choose our 6-month option for $50 a month, totaling $300,

- Our 3-month package is available at $60 a month, adding up to $180,

- Or go with the flexibility of a 1-month subscription at $65.

Curious about adjusting your billing frequency?

Yes, you can. Flexibility is at your fingertips. Feel free to change your billing frequency whenever you desire. Any adjustments you initiate within your current billing cycle will effortlessly carry over to the next, ensuring a smooth transition. For instance, if you're in the middle of your 3-month plan but decide the annual option is better suited for you, you're welcome to make the switch right away. Your new annual plan will kick off as soon as your current 3-month cycle wraps up, two months from now.

Events: Does the monthly plan for Events come with any commitment period?

Nope! Recognizing the importance of adaptability for events, our policy is straightforward - a single, all-inclusive monthly fee of $95 a month with no commitment required. Should you decide to cancel, your plan remains active until the current billing cycle concludes without any further charges.

 How do I know if I need an enterprise plan?

Enterprise packages are crafted for high-volume clients or organizations overseeing multiple subsidiaries. They empower you to oversee your entire network from an elevated perspective. Should you anticipate exceeding the limits on participants or users, we invite you to contact us. In certain instances, we might be able to enhance your capacity temporarily or suggest a tailored enterprise solution. Discover that our enterprise offerings can be more cost-effective in some respects, as we're able to provide substantial discounts due to bulk.

What is your free trial? Can I cancel online?

Each organization is granted a one-time, 60-day free trial for any of our offerings, allowing you to explore our services at your leisure. For instance, you might start with our Organizations package and, in the following year, take advantage of another 60-day trial to experience our Events service. There’s absolutely no rush – take your time. Whether you're a longtime user of our free plan or considering an upgrade, the opportunity to test our pro features is always available to you.

We stand by the principle that signing up for our services online should come with the convenience of being able to cancel them online as well, completely hassle-free and without the need to interact with customer service. With just a few clicks, you can terminate any plan or trial, ensuring you're not billed if you cancel prior to your renewal date. Please note, our plans are non-refundable, so we strongly advise deciding whether to continue or cancel well in advance to avoid unnecessary charges.

Do all of your plans come with support? Even the Free plans?

Absolutely! Our goal is to empower your success, no matter how you implement PYLI in your strategy. We're dedicated to assisting you in maximizing its benefits for your organization. While our Pro and Enterprise members do receive priority support, rest assured, we're committed to responding to all our users, including those on the free plan, in due time.

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