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A Comprehensive Solution for Managing Organizations and Events

PYLI is perfect for:


Greek Orgs

National Orgs

Large Conference Events

Organizations leverage PYLI's integrated suite of features to manage all functions, tasks, and reporting, at much lower costs.

  • Organization Managers

    Explore the powerful tools that empower you to establish member or attendee groups, oversee dues, billing, and ticket groups for associations or events. Additional functionalities encompass financial reporting, analytics, and beyond.

  • Event Managers

    Simplify the entire event planning process by creating an event website, managing ticketing, and overseeing event day operations such as check-in, badging, session management, and event analytics.

  • Members | Attendees

    Members and attendees can conveniently access essential organizational and event information through our mobile app. With full detail viewing and transactional capabilities, mobile users can effortlessly handle all their needs directly from their devices.


Focus on your operations; not your infrastructure.

PYLI is an adaptable and secure cloud-based platform and mobile solution that grows with your needs.

Get Started

Begin with a complimentary trial with no strings attached. Our team is here to support you in starting your journey and guaranteeing your success.


Choose the functionalities that suit your requirements to effectively oversee your organization and events. Pyli empowers you with complete authority and customizable permission settings. Enhance your events with additional features tailored to your current or upcoming needs.


Utilize the Pyli solution suite to streamline operations and tasks, allowing you to dedicate your attention to your events and connect with your members and attendees.

Introducing: The PYLI Solution Suite

Interconnected features to optimize administration, member and attendee experiences.

  • Financial Reports

    Keep track of your financial health long term.

  • Budgeting

    Prepare in advance and steer clear of unexpected expenses.

  • Tickets

    Offer ticket sales for a wide variety of events.

  • Attendance

    Check attendees into events and restrict access based on the level of ticket purchased.

  • Calendar

    Easily manage your schedule by sending out event invites and collaborating on a shared group calendar.

  • Badges

    Create and print personalized badges for every guest attending your events.

  • Social Engagement

    Connect with your audience and community through interactive social features within our mobile apps.

  • Collaboration

    Engage in collaboration by sharing posts, leaving comments, and completing assigned tasks.

  • Surveys

    Gather valuable insights from your members or event participants efficiently and seamlessly.

  • Recruitment

    Keep track of the lifecycle of individuals interested in joining your organization.

  • Voting

    Run polls with the option for anonymity or non-anonymity, and even utilize ranked choice voting.

  • Dues & Payments

    Monitor outstanding balances and payment schedules effortlessly. Enable online payments for added convenience.

PYLI has been trusted to manage thousands of transactions across many organizations.

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