A Comprehensive Solution for Managing Organizations and Events

PYLI is perfect for small to midsize organizations to manage any company, customer, fundraising, or conference events.


Focus on operations, not infrastructure.

PYLI is an adaptable and secure cloud-based platform and mobile solution that grows with your needs.

Begin your free trial with no strings attached. Our team is here to support you in starting your journey and guaranteeing your success.


Interconnected features to optimize administration, member and attendee experiences.

Financial Reporting & Budgeting

Keep track of your financial health long term. Prepare in advance and steer clear of unexpected expenses.

Sell Tickets to Any Event

Offer ticket sales for a wide variety of events. Customize your attendee's registration journey with add on options, coupon codes, various ticket levels, and and more.

Track Attendance

Check attendees into events and restrict access based on the level of ticket purchased or other custom workflow rules that you define.

Member/Staff Calendar

Easily manage your schedule by sending out event invites and collaborating on a shared group calendar. Allow multiple staff members to run your events with fine grained permissions for what they can/can't access.

Attendee Badges

Create and print personalized badges for every guest attending your events.

Social Engagement

Connect with your audience and community through interactive social features within our mobile apps.


Engage in collaboration by sharing posts, leaving comments, and completing assigned tasks.


Gather valuable insights from your members or event participants efficiently and seamlessly.


Keep track of the lifecycle of individuals interested in joining your organization.


Run polls with the option for anonymity or non-anonymity, and even utilize ranked choice voting.

Dues & Payments

Monitor outstanding balances and payment schedules effortlessly. Enable online payments for added convenience.


Easily collect monetary gifts online, with various customizable options for donors.


What our customers say

“PYLI was an absolute lifesaver! It automated our dues collection process, streamlined the matching of bigs and littles, and played a crucial role in our recruitment operations. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to simplify their chapter management.”

"We needed a solution for organizing our fundraising events and tracking membership. PYLI is the catalyst we needed to seamlessly organize things, and to stop tracking things manually, which previously took many volunteers. Now those volunteers have time for more important things like serving their community! Thanks to PYLI, our large-scale endeavors became not just manageable, but truly exceptional."

“We excelled at streaming video, but when it came to managing large-scale ticket sales for our events, our platform fell short. Integrating PYLI behind the scenes revolutionized our approach, allowing us to concentrate on our strengths while PYLI effortlessly managed the intricacies of ticket sales and event logistics. With PYLI at our side, we've not only optimized our core competencies but also expanded our capabilities beyond expectation.”


Simple to start, scalable for your organization's growth.

We offer mix and match pricing for each of our products. See more details on our Pricing Page.




Flat fee for up to 1k monthly active members.

5k attendee limit per event.

Lay the groundwork with a robust platform to kickstart your team's collaboration and organizational efforts.

Pay nothing up front, but a higher commission for each ticket sold.



Get in touch for a custom quote.

No attendee limit per event.

Secure a bespoke solution designed exclusively for your organization, whether it's a singular entity or an umbrella organization overseeing numerous smaller organizations.

Allow us to tailor a unique solution that addresses all your event requirements.

Stay ahead of the game with PYLI

Equipping you with innovative resources and top-notch support, PYLI is your ultimate ally in staying ahead of the curve. Our primary objective is to provide you with the most up-to-date management tools, ensuring that your organization remains efficient and well-prepared to succeed in today's competitive landscape.